Jun 7, 2009

Doctors In Singapore

Doctors In Singapore

Welcome to Doctors-In-Singapore.blogspot.com.

At Doctors In Singapore, we are dedicated to bring you the directory of Doctors in Singapore.

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This listing of doctors in Singapore consists of a list of doctors who practice in Singapore. This directory list is provided as an independent effort. We do not have any bias for or against any any medical doctor, medical clinic, specialist doctor, specialist clinic, general hospital, specialist hospital, health-care firm or pharmaceutical company or any person in Singapore.

With the Doctors In Singapore website, you will be introduced to a directory of doctors who are registered by the Singapore Medical Council (SMC). The SMC oversees all medical doctors / medical professionals working in Singapore.

These doctors can be found in a diverse range of medical fields in Singapore. From medical practitioners to medical specialists, we endeavour to bring you a listing of doctors in Singapore.

The list of doctors in Singapore will be updated as the need arises. As you must be aware that in the present highly mobile society of ours, the listing of doctors in Singapore will change as doctors join or leave the doctor population in Singapore. The list of doctors in Singapore will also change as some doctors graduate each year while some doctors retire each year.

'Doctors In Singapore' is only a blog that depends on information that is publicly available. We package the data on doctors in Singapore in an easy to use format for your convenience.

For various reasons, the detailed listing of doctors in Singapore may change without prior notice.

This list of doctors in Singapore is only for general information as best as a blog can be. It is not meant to be used as an official endorsement or for any official purpose.

You are advised to seek confirmation on any particular doctor or doctors in Singapore from the proper authority such as the Ministry of Health.

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